Our Ministry

We are the Robinson family from Woodland, Georgia:  Dean, Tamara, Blake, Tate, Brooklyn, Olivia, Reagan, Lauren, Hannah, Riley, Asher, Halle, Wyatt and Jubilee.  We are missionaries to Honduras working to defend children, strengthen families, and share the hope of Jesus Christ. 

Our goals are:
  • To provide opportunities for orphaned and abandoned children to experience hope and future through Christ Jesus while belonging in a family who loves and nurtures them in a manner that brings glory to God. 
  • To strengthen and empower families to stay together, whenever safe and possible.
  • To provide experiences that transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children and give them the best change of a bright future.  
  • To encourage, edify, and equip churches, organizations, and individuals caring for children so that they will have the tools and support they need to help hurting children heal.  
Our ministry first began 18 years ago when God opened our eyes to the number of vulnerable children in our community in need of the love and nurture of a family.   Since that time, God has allowed us to serve Him with our lives through foster care and adoption ministry.  These experiences have transformed our way of life as God has increasingly used our family to minister to children in need.  Drawing from spiritual, educational, professional, and personal experiences, our ministry has grown from foster parenting to providing individuals, families and organizations with professional consultation, education and training, compassionate insight, understanding, empathy, and support as they care for orphaned and abandoned children.  

We followed the Lord into international ministry and moved to Honduras in January 2017.  We are looking forward to the opportunities the Lord is providing to extend our reach in 2018: continuing to build relationships with child welfare offices and private organizations engaged in the development of the country’s foster care system; equipping churches to respond to needs of vulnerable children in their communities; and offering trauma-informed training and counseling services to more children’s homes, orphanages, and organizations.  May we make much of Him, magnifying and glorifying the name of Jesus with our lives and our work. Thank you once again for walking this journey with us and making it possible for us to be a voice for orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras!!!

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