Saturday, October 10, 2015

A little update

The last time I wrote, a farmer friend had given us a hog, and we were amping up for the good life of raising livestock.  That was two years ago.  Suffice to say, raising livestock is no picnic.  I wish there had been time along the way to share all the highs of being a hog farmer and the fun of being a goatherd during kidding season, along with all the spiritual parallels and stories of great personal growth.  There was no time for that, y'all.  It's all sort of a blur.

When I last posted, we were four months post-adoption with Wyatt and Jubilee.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I was in hog heaven with two babies in the house, but I was also exhausted and stretched thin for awhile, too.  I could write pages and pages about what it's been like around here as we've focused on meshing together, bonding, attachment, finding the new norm, learning sign language, and the family dynamics shift.  In the midst of it all, we were overjoyed when we were able to adopt three more children in September.  The newest Robinsons have lived with us over the past few years, and their adoption is the answer to the prayers of so many.

While it looks like a lot to the onlooker, we love having so many people up in this house.  Between the littles, the middles, and the bigs, a buzz of activity swirls around us morning, noon, and night.  Surprisingly, it's peaceful, if that makes any sense to anyone. We've got our flow and it works. Have you ever just shook your head and said to yourself, "I'm not sure about this.  I just can't see how this is all going to pan out"? You wonder if what you're doing really matters and if you're doing it right.  Then time and again, God whispers to your heart, "Trust me", and you say, "Okay." Then all of a sudden, the clouds break and you see clearly that He is doing it right and you are in His presence...and it is panning out.  That's where we are.

October brings with it a bittersweet transition away from the people and the work I've loved in recent years as God leads me into a new line of work and our family into a new season of ministry.  We are so excited (and a little intimidated, too), and I'll share more as we hammer out the details and plans are firmed up, assuming I get better about posting updates more than every two years (yikes).  We covet the prayers of those who know and love us, as well as anyone we feels led to pray for what God is doing in our lives.