Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blake and Riley

I love, love, LOVE the special bond that Blake and Riley share.  I must hear the words "Hey, B-wake" at least a hundred times in day, as Riley always has something to say to him...And Blake always takes the time to listen...Okay, maybe not always; he is, after all, 14...One day not long ago. I caught the two of them laying on my bed watching TV.  Riley was laying on his belly with his face cupped in his pudgy little hands, elbows propping him up...just like Blake...and every now and then he would look up and say, "Hey, B-wake, re-nem-ba we ride the for-ya."  "Yeah, buddy.  I remember."  "Hey, Blake, re-nem-ba we go to da pond."  "Yeah, buddy.  I remember."

Ahhhhh, it makes my mommy heart so happy to see them loving each other the way they do.  Remembering these special moments makes realize how blessed we are to be homeschooling, because if Blake were away at school all day I'm not sure they would have developed the bond that they have. There are so many times I'll look up from a reading or math lesson with one of the other kids to glance out the window and see Blake driving over the dam with Riley on the four wheeler (or as Riley says it, "for-ya").  "Can we go for a ride B-wake?"  "Sure, buddy. Let's go."
Riley loves Blake so much that he even made up a song about him.  It was so cute.  I happened to walk into Blake's room just in time to hear Riley, strumming Blake's guitar, belting out, "Me and B-wake and the pond."  Melt my heart!  He's just precious.

My heart got a little weepy when it dawned on me how little time Blake has left at home.  He's finishing up the 9th grade this year, and I'm so proud of the young man he's becoming.

I just wish I could've kept him little longer.  My first baby, so precious and close to my heart!

I showed Riley the scrapbook page above that I made for Blake at the beginning of his 6th grade year.  Riley took one look at it and said, "Oh my goodness, B-wake, you so BIG now!"  *sniff, sniff*  If I only had a pause button...